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Volaris airlines has shitty organization

Dear Volaris --

 I spent a lot of time searching your website for flights to Los Angeles. Dealing with your company has been a great waste of my time. 

Firstly, the information on your website regarding payment options is outdated and inaccurate; or, more true, Mexican employees in retailer shops are too, too lazy to do any transaction more complex than scanning a barcode. No one - not HSBC, OXXO, MoneyGram - knew how to process cash payments for Volaris customers. They all claimed no such service was provided. Not even the Volaris office at Pto. Vallarta airport knew how to complete payment for my reservations. How is this tolerable?! Secondly, instead of hiring pretty girls and family relations, try hiring people who are actually competent to do the job. (I'm so sick of dealing with stupid cajeras who can't do basic math, can't speak English, can't solve the tiniest problem. Y, si, yo hablo espanol; de hecho trabaje hace muchos anos en una escula de idiomas.)

What really upsets me about your (lack of)organization is the time I spent online (countless hours ) and, consequently, running around town (two days) trying to pay for my bookings before the deadline...ONLY TO LOSE THE RESERVATIONS. I hate wasting my time; I hate dealing with goddamn incompetent people.

I will never again try Volaris. I will write on my travel blog about how horrible it is dealing with Volaris. Offering low rates is no excuse for being shitty airline. Maybe to actually fly with Volaris is okay but getting to that point is a big pain in the ass.

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