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Barbieri International Hostel (Madrid)


Conveniently enough, Barbieri Hostel is located on Calle Barbieri in the Chueca neighborhood smack between metro stops Gran Via and Chueca with the latter being slightly closer. Thankfully a working elevator can take you - and your big ass suitcases - to its 2nd floor landing where there is 24hr reception. The male Reception were very helpful, polite and spoke English. 

Per habit, I took a bed in a dorm room. Not only is linen included but the cleaning lady - surprise! - makes your bed while you're away and, unlike, many youth hostels, does not take all day or inconvenience you while cleaning the hostel. A nice, decent breakfast is offered for free. There is one public computer in addition to FREE wi-fi. Although Barbieri is a small hostel it does have a well stocked communal kitchen, comfortable commons lounge (with a good DVD library) and two gender specific bathrooms/showers. 

I was so comfortable at Barbieri I eventually extended my stay -- twice. 

PS: There is  also Barbieri Sol (Madrid) and a new location in Granada. 

C/ Barbieri #15

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