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UK Border Assholes

Once again the best laid plans of mice and men were screwed up by a bitch working at border patrol (it should go without saying she was a white bitch).

Two days ago I was on a bus from Paris to London (after having spent half a day riding the train to Paris...ICE was five - five! - hours behind schedule because of a little snowfall that wouldn't even make a Hoosier sneeze). Exited through French Customs without problems but two minutes later at the UK Customs I had nothing but problems -- starting with the white bitch.
It was a criminal interrogation. They wanted a fugitive; I am not that.
Never mind that I had a doctor's appointment in London, reserved lodgings and plenty of money the UK Border Patrol were more concerned with:

  • why I wasn't in America? 
  • why I travelled alone?
  • where did I live in Germany, Italy, USA? (seriously they wanted the addresses)
  • if I visited the Middle East?
  • how did I get money? 
  • and why wasn't I in America (again)?
  • why didn't officials stamp my passport?
Why? Because any single black man travelling outside of America must be on the run from the Law. He can't possibly be a writer. Black people don't "backpack". That much is true: We blackpack. After two hours I knew I wasn't going to London so I stopped cooperating. They wanted a fugitive and I am not that. After four hours of this extra "interviewing" the pig went through every content of my luggage; every piece of note paper...every page of book, including my diary...every item of toiletry...every snack...and he even counted out every single euro I had. This was not an "interview". It was a criminal interrogation.
Of course, to their chagrin, they found 
  • zero contraband
  • zero bomb schematics 
  • zero drug paraphernalia
  • zero outstanding arrest warrants or felony charges
  • zero extra passports
Then they wanted to finger print me and archive them in a "visitor" database for a decade. Oh hell no! Prisoners are finger printed, not tourists...especially when  no one else in the course of that evening was removed from his bus, searched, and presented with an ink pad. But, of course, these racist pigs aren't racist! After seven hours - at midnight! - French police were called to escort me back to the French side where they left me on the sidewalk. No more buses were running so I was stuck in the dead of cold night in the middle of nowhere. 

So I missed my medical appointment and wasted lots of plans & money on travel reservations. I don't need to steal work from some British schmuck. I'm American! In fact, if the UK is so concerned with keeping their own employed they need to take back their limey asshole scum journalist Piers Morgan.

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  1. That ugly experience you had, you still have far to go.


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