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Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail.
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---Mark Twain


Blue Sky Hostel (Glasgow)

I chose Blue Sky on three consecutive weekends due to the weekend price hikes in Edinburgh. Plus I wanted to check out Glasgow. The dorm rates were a simple 10 euros (by the third visit the price had went up to 11 euros). I had no problem making a reservation over the telephone and its location is not so difficult to find from the Buchannon bus station although it would be a bit more helpful to list their proximity to the Mitchell Library. All in all it comprised about a good twenty minute walk.

The facilities are not bad. There is a community kitchen on the ground floor and free wi-fi downstairs -- if your laptop corresponds to a certain bandwidth or something. Mine didn't. The owner knew of this problem from previous American guests but nonetheless was inconsistent in fixing the set-up. That was just one thing that irked me about Blue Sky Hostel.
the owner is a skinny caricature of an '80s punk rocker with foul-mouth and smokes like a chimney! 
I found this place to be terribly familiar; as in informal and crass. Owned and operated by a Canadian (and his dear old mother) - it took me a while to understand why I found their accents so unnerving - the hostel is run more like his personal frat house or school project. A skinny caricature of an '80s punk rocker, the man is loud, foul-mouthed and rarely shuts the hell up; and smokes like a chimney! 

On one of the wall murals was the word "Nigga" distinctly written in marker...and, no, it was not in homage to my book. The owner's reaction was indifferent. "Oh," he shrugged, "these #%@! people write so much #%@! on my #%@! walls, man." Really? I didn't see Canada Sucks scribbled anywhere.

Oh? I should look behind me, eh!

 What's that you say, eh?

 Dontcha know, eh!

65 Berkeley Street
(Same owners of West End Backpackers Hostel on 3 Bank Street)

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