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Show Me (Berlin)


The current spectacular showing at the Friedrichstadt Palast is boldly named, well, Show Me. And that's just what they do for two solid hours of awesomely choreographed entertainment: show us -- what it is like dancing in water, sand, and strapped to bungee cords; on roller skates, in the air and even inside of a human-sized soap bubble!
I couldn't applaud them enough -- which is more than can be said for German audience members
I was amazed by Qi three years ago and, in a similar vein,  Show Me is filled with pop covers of American and German songs sung by accomplished - and attractive - singers accompanied by live orchestra (I knew each of the American grooves but recognized only one of the others). The acrobatic segments of the show make your eyes pop and your heart jump. I couldn't applaud them enough -- which is more than can be said for German audience members. If crickets existed in Berlin one would overhear a buzz of chirping compared to the stingy human cheering; Germany is known for her philosophers so, who knows, maybe they were all too busy pondering the sound one hand clapping makes.... Goose-stepping is outlawed and apparently applause is still foreign.

A part of the show I found surprising and unique was the soap magician who made bubbles spin, stop in mid-air and follow him down a flight of stair where he invited it to rest whole on a table. It's probably the stuff of children's party entertainment but sometimes it is the "little" thrills in life that make us smile big and wide. The work that goes into Show Me dance numbers, revolving set designs and costume changes is maddening to the imagination! Friedrichstadt Palast bills itself as Europe's best show palace and, man, it doesn't fall short of that boast.

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