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Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail.
Explore. Dream. Discover
---Mark Twain


Yelapa daytrip (Mexico)


I've been coming to Puerto Vallarta for about four years and not until now have I bothered to visit nearby Yelapa. Always meant to but just never got around to actually doing it. It's only accessible by boat. So...I got up and took the 10am speedy water taxi over to the real “sleepy town” village: Yelapa. Tourism industry likes to evoke romantic notions of Vallarta as a peaceful "fishing village" but - ha! - it hasn't been that for twenty years! Yelapa, though, is still a sleepy town and a good respite from the partying bustle here scene.

Curious vacationers find Yelapa is full of tranquility and quiet. It consists of a small road (no buses or cab drivers!), lush reachable jungle, and waterfalls. The nearest waterfall is a mere 20min walk from the beach along a winding (mostly) cobble stone path --- and it’s worth the small effort it takes to reach it. A beautiful baby waterfall (cascada in Spanish) adorned by picturesque jungle with a quiet refreshment bar and bathrooms nearby. Take a cold dip in its pool. It’s the perfect ‘adventure’ from your vacation pampering. 

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