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Dakota Hotel (San Francisco)

Dakota Hotel is the sister lodgings of The Adelaide Hostel and they are but a stone's throw away from each other. I'd stayed in the Adelaide before and tried to book a bed there this time but, having no vacancies, was recommended the Dakota. Okay.

Room rates are the same (affordable $25 dorm) and neither discriminates against cash/non-plastic holders--unlike some "hostels". The structure of the place is old-hotel charm: working cage elevator, wooden stair (whose interlocking remind me of the Arts&Craft Movement), narrow hallways, wooden floors and a standing bathtub with shower very polite staff. In the lobby are two FREE computers (most guests were good about not hogging up time) and wi-fi is also available for FREE. I was even able to get reception in my room.

The room, a 6 bed male dorm, was comfortable and clean. Not anal spotless but nonetheless clean. The bed came with linen (and a towel) and made for a good night's sleep. Although the bed frames are metal I don't recall them being squeaky. None of the four locks I carried fit the locker and, although, reception sold locks ($4) I wasn't game for buying yet another one; I spoke with the owner and he was reasonable and kind enough to trade me lock for lock while I stayed there. All the benefits of the Adelaide--FREE breakfast, $5 home-made dinners, reading lounge, more FREE computers, book exchange, and general co-mingling--are available to guests.

I can now say I do prefer this hostel a little bit more largely due to the bath tub, its address is hard to miss, and the blessed absence of the old lady who still babbles to herself over in the Adelaide as well as those two adorable, hyper resident children.

(415) 931-7475
606 Post St, zip code 94109

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