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Striking a pose IV (in abstentia)

I was on the other side of the drawing pad today. I was not scheduled to model and, so, on a lark, decided to test my sketching chops by sitting in to draw. I don't draw any more (used to as a child) and was only equipped with a spiral notebook and ink pens. (Not counting golf, I haven't used a pencil since the second grade...even for math classes I insisted on using ink.)

So there I was trying to draw this female model before us and not, I admit, doing a very good job of it. As a doodle it looks great because doodles are expected to be somewhat funny or quizzical and close-but-no-cigar. Since am no longer an artist I feel no shortcomings from my efforts this evening. The other artists in the group were spot-on. I loved watching them adapt the model's ten-minute pose onto their canvases with such realism. A couple of them even made the subject look better than she actually does.
When she disrobed I soon lost interest in even bothering to draw her
I'd like to say I was distracted by the woman's nudity, which is the truth; but not in the flattering sense. When she disrobed I soon lost interest in even bothering to draw her. In fact, I turned to playing with my cell phone. My body is more refined and my poses are more evocative or engaging for the artist because I think like an artist although I am on the other immobile side of the medium; in short, I judged the female model through the eyes of another model and concluded thus:  I am a more interesting subject than was she tonight. If it were possible I would rather draw me than her. Unfortunately I am a much better model than artist so a sketch of me by me would probably be untruthfully frightful. I admit: I am not a good artist. But, yes, she was not a great model either.

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