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Racism in Mega grocery (Pto Vallarta)

Yesterday, after training, I went shopping in Mega supermarket. It's a big chain down here. Clad in gym clothes with an empty Gatorade bottle I strolled from one end of the gigantic store to the other with several ambles through various aisles...but I just couldn't shake them. When I was near the produce section there appeared a security guard; when I was picking out a steak there appeared a security guard; when I went to the dairy section to get butter there, coincidentally, appeared another guard. In fact, it made for a big ass coincidence in this vast, brightly lit mega store. The name is appropriate.

But knowing my money spends just as well as Mexicans' and white people's I complained to one of the managers. In Spanish I said more or less the following:

Even though I am a black man I am not a criminal. Your security guards do not need to follow me all around the store. I see the same two or three guards here and there and here! I'm not blind; and I'm not here to steal. I don't need bodyguards...or shadows...or spies. I don't need them to follow's more than offensive--"Si por supuesto, senor!"--tell them to stop. 

My reason for mentioning I went there straight from training was to show that I wasn't even wearing pockets! The motherfuckers were just racist. I probably, no, I do have more money in my sock drawer than these morons pull in a month yet "I" am "prone" to steal. Because that's what black men do: we steal. Yes, they're ignorant but, after all, isn't that what is racism.

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