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Paid $14 light bill in full

Yesterday I finally got my electric bill and promptly paid it first thing this morning...all $172pesos of it (roughly fourteen dollars)! I felt relieved at the cost. And going down to the electric company to pay the bill was not the headache I imagined either. True to form, there was a long line stretching out the door but I used the automated teller and was back out the door in three minutes. Whew! It felt grown-up and 

I've lived sans electricity before and last year had my lights cut off because the worker was too lazy to slide the bill under the door so I never received the notice and didn't notice anything wrong until nothing turned on. The landlord was being quite difficult, too, about the matter so all of that coloured my impression of paying utilities in Mexico.

Have been in this apartment since December and this was the first light bill. On top of that I sometimes leave the light on for returns at night and still only warranted $172pesos. Oh the living here is sooooo easy.

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