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Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail.
Explore. Dream. Discover
---Mark Twain


Twisted Palms Rooftop Lounge (Puerto Vallarta)


The Twisted Palms is a hip rooftop hideaway in Downtown Old Vallarta. A different film is projected every night on the wall and the prices are very kind to backpackers
A View to a KillOut front a sidewalk sign always announces the nightly features and drink specials and two nights ago the announcement read: $40 HOUSE MARTINIS ALL NIGHT and underneath A VIEW TO A KILL (JAMES BOND). 

Forty peso martinis plus James Bond movie was a no brainer; And Roger Moore, no less! After a quick stop at home I was back at the bar at seven o'clock (show time) and thrilled to learn that not only does the bartender/owner Al have house gin as opposed to all the other watering holes' mad devotion to the national Oso Negro vodka but Tanqueray is his house gin. Holy cow, hot damn, and wow! I was sold.
1980 Tanqueray Gin Bottle Common Stock Photo Print Ad
Began with a dry martini----hold the olives, gracias----followed by a cosmopolitan for a sugary counter to the popcorn and----don't think me a lush----finished the evening with a libidinous dessert in the form of a chocolate martini stirred and on the rocks. Shaking seems such a loud and vulgar way to make such an elegant drink, and in certain circles, such as Puerto Vallarta, I find regular martini glasses...latent-ly effete and misleading. Al uses chocolate flavoring instead of dark syrup so the drink stays clear Icelandic white and hard. None beside the drinker and maker are any the wiser to its adulterated sweetness. In sum, the cocktails were superbly made and professionally presented which, after all, is half the fun of ordering a martini.
Whether or not next Monday's flick is another spy movie I shall be there with cigar in tow and ready to cozy down with a dry martini...or two. Booyah!
 Luigi Bormioli Black Swirl 8-ounce Martini, Set of 4

Avenida Ignacio Vallarta 228 - 18

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